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Why They Play The Games

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He was never meant to be a player. He was told When He was very small,
He might someday walk like other children, but he would never run at all.
He was never meant to break for second on a 2-1 count with one man down
and, when doctors said he might not make it, they were not discussing sports at all.
That's why they play the games because you never know
until the final out you just might be surprised
that's why they play the games ‘cause talent makes it shine
but heart can win sometimes. That's why they play the games.
He grew up in the awkward silence. With the doubt in everybody's eyes.
And with each exceeded expectation, he was told he should be satisfied
For the race is often to the swiftest and the contest often to the strong.
But if you’re not careful, you might miss it. Now and then, exceptions come along.
Now the sun is shining on a diamond and the crown is rising to their feet.
‘Cause they know they are seeing something special. Even though, this is only little league
For it's far too easy to be jaded, to be cynical, to let the darkness in.
But with my own eyes this day I've seen it. Sometimes winners simply find a way to win.