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Writing songs and sharing them is what I do.  Ever since I was about 16, I have been writing into notebooks, and, then, singing little verses into cassette recorders,  phones, and Ipads.     

So, I'd kinda like people to hear these songs. :)  If my songs give you something, and you would like to help me write the next one, please  toss some money my way to keep me going.

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What People are Saying

It wasn’t just the quality of the songwriting that impressed, there was Rob’s warm and emotional voice, a cross between the late Steve Goodman and James Taylor... - ” - Alan Cackett

— Maverick Music Magazine (Dec 01, 2011)

Sophisticated, intimate, folk pop...Masterful is indeed an adjective that applies here.” - Keys and Chords.Com
“Rob Lytle gives a workshop on songwriting that can be heard on "a hypocrite of heart and hope". The American knows his trade.” ” - John Gjaltema, ALT COUNTRY NL