Its Bigger than Me

I should have asked more questions
I should have said some things
spent less time rushing
and more time listening
But how we love means less
the deeper that love goes
and we both felt 
the things we couldn't show
That brings me comfort now
when I need comfort most
to take me with you
as I let you go 
Because it’s bigger than mel
this life I’m living
this world that's turning
this love I’m giving
Is bigger than me
so, I'll face this sorrow
and then embrace tomorrow
and whatever it brings,
because it’s bigger than me
The dance is moving forward
this conga line of grief
sweet condolences 
and all our memories
The cars and football games
the stories bubble out
exposing things
we never knew about
We feel it like was
We laugh and then we cry
I kiss your forehead 
and I say goodbye
Repeat Chorus
And will love my children
and I will love myself
and all this world
because there’s nothing else
That matters in the end
and nothing we can take
but how we choose 
to give our love each day
Repeat Chorus out

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