1. Pull Together

From the recording Pull Together



These times are full of troubles
and I know we’re all afraid
That all that we believe in
Could be easily unmade
And in these times of troubles
It’s easy to lash out
To lose the love that binds us
To uncertainty and doubt'But it d====oesn't have to be that way
it's a choice that we can make
To remember who we are
and remember what's at stake
to feed our time with kindness
and fill up these hard days
with the gratitude and beauty
We will learn along the way.



And I am reaching out to you
Oh I’m reaching out to you

Tonight I can’t be with you
I can’t hold you in my arms
Can’t lean in close and kiss you
Feel the beating of your heart
I can’t caress you while we’re talking
The way you want me to
Find peace and gentle comfort
Like I do when I’m with you

And though we may be distant
For how long we just can’t know
I hope you will remember
That we are not alone
We're in this world together
And I hope that you can see
When we pull together
How much stronger we can be