Between The Two of Us

What did our children ever do to me and you

to justify what we are putting them through? 

you can hate me if you need to, hate me if you must
But can’t we keep the pain -
between the…

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Its Bigger than Me

I should have asked more questions
I should have said some things
spent less time rushing
and more time listening
But how we love means less
the deeper that love goes
and we both felt 
the things we couldn't show
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Make Me Believe it's True

Verse I can’t hear you why are you mumbling? Speak up clearly, now and say your leaving me B Section I can take pain and in time, I’ll get over you but I won’t be able to walk away till… Read more

A Way of Keeping Score

They never knew my friend
but they all talked about her
They never heard her sing
or met her familly
They had something to say
so they went ahead and said it
because it helped them fill their day
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With Mary by the Ocean (Revised)

I never walked with Mary by the ocean Never held her hand Never kissed her in the sand Beneath the pier Or heard June Christie sing Willow weep for me So sweet and clear

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I Know That Town

I don’t slow down when i’m driving by that town pedal to the metal my foot straight to the floor I still drive by exit 29 like I did before I just don’t stop there anymore I watch the road … Read more

A Song For Not Emily

Her hair it was so black and long That is my story now partly cause the details Just don’t matter anyhow Let's say she was a redhead or that she had tattoos the point is, she was evil that’s what… Read more

I do

I’ve been thinking bout you and the way you used to love me back when you loved me and in that moment I am with you in my mind and all the future  that we said we left behind of… Read more

Sorry That I Missed You

I‘m sorry that I missed you
but not sorry that I miss you
I wrote out the note
and I taped it to your door

Then I got back in my car
and I drove 300 hundred miles
far from…

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Before I met her, I never went bowling bowling just wasn’t my scene I shot some pool and played pinball but bowling never did much for me We met one day folding blue jeans at the small laundromat downtown and… Read more

The Guy That Drives Her Home

Chorus I’m the guy who drives her home when her options don’t pan out when she’s lonely and alone I ‘m the guy that drives her home    Piano interlude over the chorus structure   Verse She has had too much to… Read more

The Movie Star

Let him go to Paris he’s no good for you I think that you knew that from the start But how could you resist? as tempting as it is, the chance to date a movie star You had your shot… Read more