A songwriters notebook

The April Fool

Little pop song I wrote last spring while driving.  I actually wrote this at the Ashland Tea and Coffee.  


I should of  known that it was just a game

I should have known it when I heard her name

But I missed the set-up like I always do

Call me the April fool


She was so earnest and so sweet and fine

My friends were laughing, that's a real bad sign

pull on my leg and I 'll beleive it's true

Call me the April Fool



oh, it was a prank, a lark, a spoof

a bad joke to endure

and I think that I May be fine by June

but I can't say for sure


Where is the camera?  Did you see me squirm?

Watch my expression when I finaly learned?

Learned for myself, what the whole world knew.

Call me the April Fool


Repeat chorus.


Copyright, 2012, Rob Lytle SEASAC, All rights reserved.

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