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Tearing Up This Town

I am tearing up this town
I’ll stuff the pieces in my jeans
i won’t throw them out the window
cause I’m no fan of littering
When I reach the city limits
here’s what I am counting on
all the places that remind me
of your loving will be gone
and so I'm tearing up this town
I’ll find a trash can by the road
or a dumpster in Salinas
that is where I think I’ll go
Theres'a woman who might help me
she once told me that she would
Maybe we can go out walking
in some brand new neighborhood
Cause I am tearing up this town
oh, but it might take some time
to get the picture that we made
to be more fuzzy in my mind
I have done my best, believe me
but you just don’t love me now
oh, and so, I will be leaving
I am tearing up this town
I have no choice but to be leaving
Baby, it’s just your town now.

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