A songwriters notebook

New Song: Come South

Come south and be my lover
come down to dixie land
it's hard to think about you 
with that cold and distant man

New Song: Baby Was I Wrong?

New song this morning.  Kind of a "blue eyed soul" thing. Think Daryl Hall :)

I thought I found in you     

someone to hold on to
with alll my strength and not let go

New Song - Our Duet


Someone else is singing our duet

two strangers we have never met

they know the words, but they don't know/ just what they mean

Ginny Could You Love A Man?


Ginny could you love a man?

Ginny do you think you can?

If your not really gay, but just kinda go both ways

Ginny could you love a man?

The April Fool


oh, it was a prank, a lark, a spoof

a bad joke to endure

and I think that I May be fine by June

but I can't say for sure

New Song - That Woman Did Me Right

Turn on any juke box

you will hear somebody say

that their heart is crushed and mangled

and a woman is to blame

I guess that it is easy

to tryand pin the crime

on the one that's always there

when the tears are in your eyes

I could play that game and say the woman did me wrong

but that'd be wrong

cause that woman did me right


New Song Draft - Dead Opossum Blues

New Song Draft - The Dead Opossum Blues :)  Written on Facebook as a stream of consciousness  series of posts...

Rob Lytle NERFA Showcase Schedule Nov 10th-13th, 2010

Guerilla showcase schedule for the 2011 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference November 10th - 13th 2011.

New Website Goes Live

Over the last year, I have had a significant list of stuff that I wanted to get done - and one of them was to migrate from having my URL point to reverbnation to having a standalone website.

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