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Clone leave me alone
go out and live your own life
go on and have your own children
stay the hell away from my wife
you know how much I love you
each time I look in the mirror
but your just too much of a good thing
stay away from here

Now that love has learned your name

Love is gonna change you
It’s gonna rearrange you
You will never be the same
Now that love has learned your name

I'm On The Other Side


I'm on the other side, I am
I'm on the other side
if you choose word games over people
I'm on the other side

New Song: The Single Life

There is something to be said
for the single life
I choose to make my bed - or not

Candy I Can't Have

She's quite the little dancer

She's quite the little tease
She puts her sweet temptation
on display for all to see
She loves to lean against me
To see how I'll react
She holds her love out to me
But she always pulls it back

Things I can't take on the airplane

I give to you these treasured things
Not a necklace or diamond ring
For that would be too much too soon
I fear that I would frighten you

Instead, I will award to thee
In hopes you will remember me
This evidence of my esteem
Things I can't take on the airplane

First World Problems

Baby's in Botswana ain't got nothing to eat
Mamma's in Mumbai ain't got shoes on their feet
soldiers in Somalia are fighting in the streets
it's not as if I'm not aware

gunners in Guiana are gunning people down
lovers in the Congo are spreading death around
turning on the news is enough to make you frown
it's not as if I just don't care

But I've got first world problems (yes I do)
man you know my lite is tough
my boss he doesn't get me
my freinds they just upset me
my lover doesn't love me quite enough

What can you do for a girl like April?

What can you do for a girl like April?
Pick her up each time she calls
hold her cause she’s still your baby
after all.

Just don’t ask too many question
push the details from your mind
offer all the hope and comfort
that you can find.

And damn that telephone
every time it rings
she goes back to the life
forsaking everything
She’s treasured and she’s loved,
but it’s just not enough.

I Can't Get Your Scent from My Pillows

I can't get your scent from my pillows

I can't get you out of my head

The sweet acrid  smell of Chanel seems to dwell

And brings you to mind once again

New Song Draft: Little Loser

oh, how I loved that little loser

what's that say?  What's that say?

oh, how I loved that little loser

what's that say?  What's that say…

about me?

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