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Don't Say Goodbye On Christmas

Don't say goodbye on Christmas
It scares us that you feel so sad
We will drive to New York City
We'll pick you up and bring you back

Get A Headset Grandma

Get a headset Grandma
Get a headset Grandma
don’t hold the phone to your head that way
swerving like a drunk 
from lane to lane
it’s just a matter of time, someday,
you're gonna kill someone

With Mary by the Ocean

I never walked with mary by the ocean
Never held her hand
Never kissed her in the sand
Beneath the pier
Or heard June Christie sing
Willow weep for me
So sweet and clear

I never fell in love that magic summer
when she was sweet 16
and she had all her dreams
come true
Mary's bright blue eyes are somewhere back in time
I am by her side
But she is on the Jersey shore

Tearing Up This Town

I am tearing up this town
I’ll stuff the pieces in my jeans
i won’t throw them out the window
cause I’m no fan of littering
When I reach the city limits
here’s what I am counting on
all the places that remind me
of your loving will be gone

Every Single Day

She’s showing off the dress I bought her
twirling like the girl that i first met
smiling like the woman she is now
how much better than this could it get?

Listen to your parents

Listen to your mother
Listen to your father
Listen to your parents
Because they love you
Because they love you
Listen to your mother
Listen to your father
Listen to your parents
Because they love you

I'm On The Other Side 2

I'm on the other side, I am
I'm on the other side
if you choose word games over people
I'm on the other side

Yo-Yo Kind of Love

Up days and down days

laughter and frown days

we’ve got a yo-yo

kind of love

Stumble and Fall

It's the way of the poet
stumble and fall
The way of the dreamer
stumble and fall
It may feel like your failing
but there’s no failure at all
We're in good company
when we stumble and fall
Rob Lytle, 2014.  All Rights Reserved.

My Advice to you

Don't leave your phone in the sun
Roll up the windows when it looks like rain
When you find the perfect fit  You should buy at least two
This is my advice to you
Fill up the gas before it gets to E
Find a little shade when you can
Keep  $20 tucked away in your shoe
This is my advice to you

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