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New Song Draft - Dead Opossum Blues

(Brand new song written as a lark in response to a comment on my facebook post about having to dispose of a dead opposum :) Dedicated to my wife Elizabeth who is still, and more than ever, my real temptation :) )


I had been away a long time, nearly six weeks on the road,

When I pulled into the driveway, it was so good to be home.

but I got the scent of something from the trash by my garage,

and when I looked inside the can,  I saw just what it was...


It seems some little fellow, had smelled something good inside, 

and crawled in there to see what kind of goodies he could find

who here among us, has not been in that same place ?

of knowing that we shouldn't but going anyway...



caught up in tempation, that you simply can't refuse - flirting with the danger of the dead opposum blues



She was long and slinky with a dress cut up to there,

high heeled inspiration with a mass of tangled hair.

I was just a passer by, don't know why I caught her eye,

but when she fixed her look on me, I was sort of mesmerized.


and sudddenly I found myself imaging the taste

of all that hidden treasure, that was offered me by fate.

(need another couplet here)



and in that fateful moment I knew I had to choose, had I not learned anything from the dead opposum blues?



I thought about my children, I thought abut my wife,

I thought about the joy and all the meaning in my life,

i thought about the lawyers, I thought about the shame,

I thought about the pleasure and I thought about the pain.


Just then from the darkness a man walked in the place,

and walked up to that women with anger on his face,

He led her off, and left me there to wonder to this day,

if I would have been strong enough to simply walk away.



Cause its so easy to preach and say, you know just what you'd do, but hard to learn the lessons, of the dead opposum blues :)

Here is a link to the poor creature that inspired this song:

Copyright Rob Lytle, SESAC, 2011.  All rights reserved.

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