A songwriters notebook

Every Single Day

She’s showing off the dress I bought her
twirling like the girl that i first met
smiling like the woman she is now
how much better than this could it get?
I tell her she is beautiful and she
blushes like I’ve never said those words
or thought about them every time I see her
or find her in my mind and think of her
Tonight it just the two of us
and how proud I will be
to have her on my arm
and to be laughing
people all around 
they just might wonder, they might wonder
how she ever ended up with me
She playing silly games with all the strangers
She’s telling them that we just fell in love
and in a sense its true
cause every day I do
every single day, I fall in love
with the woman she’s become
and the journey still to come
every single day I fall in love

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