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Don't Say Goodbye On Christmas

Don't say goodbye on Christmas
It scares us that you feel so sad
We will drive to New York City
We'll pick you up and bring you back

You can be here with the family 
All of those that love you so
We won't ask you any questions
But you don't have to be alone 

Don't say goodbye on Christmas
Don't hurt yourself again
It may seem lthere's  no way out
And that your pain will never end

But we will sing and we'll remember
we will speak of happy days
Of waking up on Christmas morning
Please just don't leave us all this way

Don't say goodbye on Christmas
I refuse to let you go
I hear the sirens in the distance
Baby, please stay on the phone

I'm not sorry that I called them
I would do anything at all
To make sure you will be with  us
We're just so thankful that you called
We're on our way, your not alone
We’re just thankful, that you called- 

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