A songwriters notebook

With Mary by the Ocean (Revised)

Never held her hand
Never kissed her in the sand
Beneath the pier
Or heard June Christie sing
Willow weep for me
So sweet and clear

I never fell in love that magic summer
when she was just 16
and she had all her dreams
come true

Mary's bright blue eyes are somewhere back in time
I am by her side
But she is on the Jersey shore

I Know That Town

I don’t slow down
when i’m driving by that town
pedal to the metal
my foot straight to the floor
I still drive by
exit 29
like I did before
I just don’t stop there anymore

A Song For Not Emily

Her hair it was so black and long
That is my story now
partly cause the details
Just don’t matter anyhow
Let's say she was a redhead
or that she had tattoos
the point is, she was evil
that’s what  I’m telling you
Oh, and, I will play these songs
the way I always do
with words that fit the lines
and every word is true
she put me down with everyone
but I won’t do the same
I Blame Emily - 
but that’s not her real name.

I do

I’ve been thinking bout you
and the way you used to love me
back when you loved me
and in that moment
I am with you in my mind
and all the future 
that we said we left behind
of you and I together
of you and I forever
just like we said

Sorry That I Missed You

I‘m sorry that I missed you
but not sorry that I miss you
I wrote out the note
and I taped it on the door
Then I got back in my car
and I drove 300 hundred miles
far from the temptation 
to keep asking you for more


Before I met her, I never went bowling
bowling just wasn’t my scene
I shot some pool and played pinball
but bowling never did much for me
We met one day folding blue jeans
at the small laundromat downtown
she told me how she spent her weekends
and she said that I should come around
and how I loved bowling
even those rented shoes
all the nights we spent bowling
when our love was brand new
we were laughing and bowling
it was my perfect game
Oh, and once I went bowling
I was never the same

The Guy That Drives Her Home

I’m the guy who drives her home
when her options don’t pan out
when she’s lonely and alone
I ‘m the guy that drives her home

The Movie Star

Cause he’s smaller than he is when he is on the screen
when some else’s words can hide the truth
behind the part he plays
you’ve seen his ugly face 
Oh and he is just not good enough for you
That movie stars not good enough for you 

Friend of a Friend (revised)

Hey friend of a friend
I don't like what you just said
but there must be something to redeem you
must be something I'm not gettin'
are you a husband and father?
are you really good and kind?
or are you just that stupid all the time?

Where The Money Goes

I learned that he lived in a mansion by the sea
The painting it shows that he even looked like me
i was quire surprised by geaneology
I'm descended from a rich man.

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